On Sunday, November 30th, at 11:00am, we were preparing to leave for the afternoon. While getting ready in the bathroom, Mary saw smoke coming from the vent. She immediately called to me that she saw smoke coming from down stairs. I grabbed a smoke extinguisher and ran downstairs. I ran to our laundry room and immediately saw flames down the back wall behind the drier. I ran upstairs telling Mary to grab Dean and get out. I grabbed my cell and called 911 as Mary ran out with Dean. The fire department came and put out the fire. The smoke was so bad from the house that you could not see across the street.

Wiring in a storage room in the basement caused the fire. The fire raged in that room for a bit, burning a five-foot hole in the ceiling. Half of the floor joists are burned beyond repair, while the rest are blacked.

State Farm put us up into a hotel that night and found us a house on the following Friday. We are currently living about 2 miles away from the Gulley house.

At this moment we are waiting for the insurance company to decide what they want to do. The city and my builder want the house demolished, where the insurance company wants to fix it. We just have to wait and see.


We got estimate from the builders contactor today, and It looks like we are going to get the max amount. This is going to allow us the build the dormer we wanted.

The architect has finished the final plans and had turned them into the builder. We are meeting them this Saturday to sign the final contracts, So baring complications, building should begin by the end of next month, putting us into the house by the end of August.

House Pictures